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Solaron is a boutique provider of ESG solutions. We provide cutting-edge and up-to-date ESG research and analysis, stakeholder insights and large-scale data collection to help Investors understand the hidden risks and opportunities in their portfolio. Our global network of analysts use local language and international media to track the real-time ESG performance of companies.

Our services include:

Deep dive research

Underpinning all of Solaron’s products and services is our award-winning deep-dive research methodology. This exclusive process builds in interviews with stakeholders on the ground and local language information to identify a company’s true ESG risks and opportunities.

Custom research solutions

Solaron’s custom research simply means you tell us the research you need and we provide it in the format you want. To date we have provided over 350,000 hours of custom research – from bespoke indices to in-depth investor reports. Depending on the scale of the project, we can provide research on any sector, theme, company or country in as little as two weeks.

Engagement support

Solaron’s Engagement Service helps investors to fulfil their responsibilities as active owners of public and private companies. Our skilled and experienced team helps manage engagement and proxy voting requirements with the aim of improving a company’ ESG performance to protect or improve shareholder value. We can provide end-to-end engagement support from shareholder field trips through to stakeholder interactions.

Products & Services

ESG Tracker™

Our Global ESG Performance Tracker™ is a user-friendly, interactive platform that tracks ESG performance on global stocks. The platform uses over 50 specific ESG indicators and provides ESG performance trends through insightful graphs and data analysis. It is flexible and customisable to suit your research needs and budget.

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Our Global Ratings product is based on our deep dive Best-in-Context (BIC) methodology. This award winning methodology provides unique validation of the information a company discloses and identifies hidden risks through local language research and stakeholder interviews. Our Ratings product evaluates a company’s performance against a comprehensive set of over 400 ESG and industry-specific criteria, and benchmarks companies against their peers. It is fully customisable.

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Our Global Newsfeed is a database of the world’s ESG news. It draws on over 3,000 accredited English and non-English news sources to inform you of controversial events related to your chosen global stocks. The Newsfeed can be analysed on a sector and geographic basis and can rank stories according to how material the risk is to your portfolio. The frequency of updates can be set to suit your research needs and budget.


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