Solaron provides deep dive ESG research for the global responsible investment community. We use an award-winning research framework to analyse companies in greater depth than other ESG research providers.

How are we different?

Information with integrity

We don’t rely on a company’s own literature. Solaron engages with a company’s stakeholders on the ground, from employees to end users, to ensure our analysis has independent authority and reveals the real story inside the factory gates.

The local language advantage

Solaron has over 60 local language experts scanning local media for corporate malpractice. Every week we uncover ESG issues long before they reach the English language media.

Not one-size-fits-all

We don’t just offer a standardized product. As a boutique agency we seek out the specific information your portfolio requires and customize it for a universe of listed, private or alternative assets of your choice.

A dynamic approach

Unlike other ESG research providers we don’t wait for the next annual report to apprise our data – our research is updated on the spot as news and events unfold.

Since inception we have provided clients with over 350,000 hours of custom research and boast a proven track record of uncovering hidden risks ahead of time – including at Petrobras, GSK and Alibaba.



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